School Photography


Our newest School Portrait Program is our “Parent’s Choice” program.  This is a pre-payment program where the parents select their picture packages, photo products (offered only with this program and include coffee mugs, tote bags, water bottles, etc.) and background scene choice before picture day.  Our order envelope for this program shows the nine different custom local background scenics created by Ray Photography specifically for use with a portrait subject in the foreground while still portraying the natural beauty of our local environment in the background.

All students are photographed against our Green-Screen background on picture day and the school gets the same complimentary services as with our other program.

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Ray Photography’s most popular School Portrait Program continues to be our “look before you buy” program.  We photograph everyone at your school on Picture Day then provide an order envelope approximately two weeks later with each individual’s proof-picture attached.  This program offers a “Retake” option.

“Look Before you Buy” allows your school a choice of either a studio or outdoor background, provides the school with complimentary file copies, Teacher packages, Yearbook disk in any format if needed, and great customer service!

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